What is an authorization card?

If I sign a card, what rights am I granting the union?

Did I already sign an authorization card?

Why is the IBEW asking me to sign a card?

You didn’t want us before, why do you want us now?

Have you talked to the St. Louis Carpenters’ Union?

What happens when I sign a card? Does signing a card guarantee I will get to choose my representative?

Will you or the NLRB tell my employer, the Carpenters’ Union, or anyone that I signed a card?

Who will conduct the election? Will anyone know how I voted?

What happens if I choose the IBEW?

Will I immediately become a member of the IBEW?

If the IBEW wins, what happens to the wages and benefits I am earning now?

Will they come after me for my scholarship loan agreement?

It all sounds pretty simple, is it?


The company will find out I signed a card!

I’ve never missed a day, if I go to the IBEW I will sit the bench!

I tried to get in the IBEW, they didn’t want me! 

You’re forcing my owner to do something they don’t want to do! 

Download the ‘Employee Rights under the National Labor Relations Act’ poster.

Former Local 57 members gather around the eternal flame at the Henry Miller Museum, a museum dedicated to the Founding Fathers of the IBEW. The IBEW was founded in St. Louis in 1891.